Home Assistant - USB Redirector - Z-Wave

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Not sure if this is the correct place for the question, but I’m running Hyper-V with Home Assistant running as a VM, along with various other VM’s.
I need to pass through USB for my Z-Wave adaptor to the VM.
Hyper-V doesn’t do this natively so I’ve got USB Redirector installed. While I can get this working if I do a manual Supervised install onto Ubuntu, I’d really prefer to have this running on the Full version of Home Assistant.

Anyone any ideas how I can compile this to run on Hassos so the system can see the USB?

I’m no expert on Linux, so not sure if this is possible in any way?

Any ideas how I might build a plugin to do this or compile and manually install using suitable Kernel source?


I am tracking.

Last time I looked in to this I decided to go with vmware and usb passthrough, though I am also very interested in this to avoid dependency and possibly decouple.