Home Assistant user

Im not sure if this is more of a Linux / Raspbian type question, but im hoping someone can help.

I installed HAS on my Pi3 via virtual env, following this guide in the docs.

It created a homeassistant user, but the user doesn’t seem to have a password.

Is this normal / OK?
Should I assign one?

I ask as I would like to be able to SSh into the Pi as the user homeassistant to edit .yaml files etc.
Currently doing this as user pi means all .yaml files are owned by the ‘wrong’ user.

Also, when editing .yaml files should I be ‘in’ the virtual env?

This is normal. I believe it is regarded as more secure, as the only way to access the homeassistant user is via the Pi user and sudo.

I think it depends largely on how secure your system needs to be. Personally, I haven’t, but if you are only accessing your Pi from within your own network, then it shouldn’t really be much of a problem.

If you do, I think you may need to do more setting up regarding home directories and shells, but this is pure speculation on my part.

No, you only need the virtualenv when using pip or running the program manually. Although it won’t do any harm if you are.

I access my Pi from within my home network, or via a VPN.
My Home Assistance instance is not exposed to the internet, currently I have only 1 port open for VPN.

Regarding setup, there was already a home directory at /home/homeassistant
It was pretty much empty baring the .homeassistant folder.

I created .bashrc and .bash_aliases files, and haven’t had any problems in using the command line whilst logged in as homeassistant
Fundamentally, all I will be doing is editing the config files

Adding a password to the user homeassistant isn’t going to cause any issues with the function of home assistant?