Home Assistant users in Trinidad and Tobago

Hello to my fellow Trinbagonian HA installers.

I currently reside in Freeport, and account for two of the growing number of instances in T&T, seen in analytics. One is my home, and the other I remotely manage for my parents. Theirs is a HA OS Pi install that controls a few smart plugs and camera views.

In my home I’ve integrated quite a few things. I run HA Supervised on a laptop. I’ve automated lights with timers and motion sensors, cameras, gate and garage door controls, ultrasonic water tank sensor, air-condition controls, AV controls, and plant irrigation.

As a DIY enthusiast with an IT background, and being on a tight budget, I opt to assemble almost all my components. I have little knowledge of what is offered locally in T&T, and have done all my component shopping online. The esp8266 is my go-to microcontroller and is used extensively.

It would be nice to hear about what you are doing with Home Assistant in T&T, and maybe share some knowledge, so please do say hello :wave:.


Nice to see Trinidad represented in the forums. I no longer live in Trinidad but I’m also curious as to how HA is being used there. There’s gotta be more than 6 Trinis using it so hopefully this post gets them to permit the analytics and get those numbers up.

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