Home Assistant users in Trinidad and Tobago

Hello to my fellow Trinbagonian HA installers.

I currently reside in Freeport, and account for two of the growing number of instances in T&T, seen in analytics. One is my home, and the other I remotely manage for my parents. Theirs is a HA OS Pi install that controls a few smart plugs and camera views.

In my home I’ve integrated quite a few things. I run HA Supervised on a laptop. I’ve automated lights with timers and motion sensors, cameras, gate and garage door controls, ultrasonic water tank sensor, air-condition controls, AV controls, and plant irrigation.

As a DIY enthusiast with an IT background, and being on a tight budget, I opt to assemble almost all my components. I have little knowledge of what is offered locally in T&T, and have done all my component shopping online. The esp8266 is my go-to microcontroller and is used extensively.

It would be nice to hear about what you are doing with Home Assistant in T&T, and maybe share some knowledge, so please do say hello :wave:.


Nice to see Trinidad represented in the forums. I no longer live in Trinidad but I’m also curious as to how HA is being used there. There’s gotta be more than 6 Trinis using it so hopefully this post gets them to permit the analytics and get those numbers up.

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Trini here :slight_smile:

Also in Freeport :wink:

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@ronsum. Your setup sounds really good. I’m from Penal and have recently started implementing some smart home devices into my home like cameras, smart plugs, lighting etc. I run these off Alexa and Google Assistant at the moment. I plan to start tinkering with HA OS on a Pi 4 from next month. Already have the Pi. Just awaiting a micro SD reader to get the OS on there. I’ll post about my progress and so on. I’m very interested in the ultrasonic water tank sensor you did and how good it works because I recently upgraded my entire water system and tanks and would like to monitor them from inside the house. Would be nice to know how you went about doing yours if you don’t mind me asking. I’ve seen some videos on YouTube about it.

Hey @Kevin4999, welcome. Good to hear that you’re firing up Home Assistant. I’ve pretty much moved away from the ultrasonic sensor and started using a pressure transducer. Check out this thread with lots of useful information on the subject.

Ok. Thanks, will do.

@Kevin4999 Welcome! How long have you been using HA?
I did also installed an ultrasonic sensor which you can check here Freeport.

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Hi all. Also in trinidad. St. Joseph. Started using HA about a year now. Running on an old Dell laptop, with Ubuntu. Planning to do the level sensor soon as well. Ordered and ESP32 recently . nice to see the local thread here.

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