Home Assistant using a LOT of data

I am stuck in a bad position. I REALLY love Home Assistant. I really want to keep it, but my ISP has a monthly data limit that I reach almost every month and could never figure out why. So I bought a device that can tell me which device uses the most data in a month. Since I set that up, I have seen my Home assistant using nearly 10GB a day in HTTP calls. Is there something I can do to figure out what these HTTP requests are coming from Home Assistant? I don’t want to go back to SmartThings, but with an ISP cap on data, I cannot justify keeping a device that uses 300GB a month for some awesome home automation.
I run Home assistant on a NUC installed with Debian Buster. Then Home assistant runs under docker. I have the latest core as of today (0.116.2).
I do have 4K Arlo cameras that are going through the AARLO integration in HACS. I thought for a minute that this could potentially be the issue, but I have no proof.
Please help! I really don’t want to go back to mediocrity (Samsung).

How have you specifically tied the issue to HA?

As you have cloud camera’s that send a lot of video to the cloud, it sounds like that would be a much more plausible answer.

I bought a router (Asus) that tells me the data per device and what protocol or application on that device takes the amount of data. looking at the results I see 10GB / day of data through HTTP traffic on the IP address that runs Home Assistant. All of the Arlo cameras record to the cloud but I wonder if the Home Assistant HACS integration for Arlo is downloading the videos and this is what is causing the data hogging. I will be disabling the integration to see if the data / day rate changes, but I was curious if anyone else had seen anything like this.

Your router should also be able to tell you where the data is being downloaded from.

But if not, you could turn off your arlo cameras for a day and see if it changes.

That sounds like a plausible angle, I had that thought as well. Maybe its streaming to HA even when a user does not have the webpage open.

Do you have the Speedtest integration enabled? It can suck up a lot of data if you have a short frequency. I had to change it to 3 hours to make it bearable, and am considering to disable it altogether.

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What happened when you turned the camera off for a day?

I had my hassio consume about 1TB/month
It turned out that Speed Test was the problem i disabled it and everything back to normal.


Okay, so I removed AARLO on HACS and waited nearly 24 hours. but it is still using 10GB / day.

@rootshell1989 - VERY interesting. I also run a speed test quite frequently. I will disable this and see if this is the cause. If that works, and I get to keep hassio, I owe you!

I’ll try this and reply soon. Thanks all!

Wow! @rootshell1989 This was the problem!
SpeedTest.net takes a LOT of data. Everything is back to normal and I can still continue using hassio!
Thank you very much! I marked your answer as the solution!

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Glad it worked

I have something similar ,but my homeassistant is using 20GB to 40GB a day. I tracked the data usage down to my cameras I display in HA being forwarded to the Mobil apps when people are away.

Is there a way to still use my cameras though HA ,but not allow them to go through the home assistant cloud and to only be used and seen locally? I have HA running in docker. My cameras are being pulled in using Reolink custom intergration. The apps are various android and iPhone apps.

I always wondering how people make graphs from internet connection speed. It requires to send and receive a lot of data on maximum possible speed, thus saturating internet connection which impacts other devices transferring data at the same time.

Also it must be frequently in order to create meaningful metric.

The speedtest integration does use a lot of data even if only run hourly and is incredibly thoughtless and wasteful.

A simple ping sensor is sufficient option for continuous monitoring. Then if you notice a problem using that you can investigate with speedtest.

e.g. I was having trouble with peak hours speed with my ISP a while ago so I implemented this:

The bottom two graphs only update if the update button is pressed or I run the hourly peak time test.


Since we moving into a new home, the UDM pro was reporting HA was pulling a lot of data. This post helped me correct the issue. Thanks