Home Assistant using too many MB

The Raspberry 3B + with only HA installed in an hour of has used over 500 MB between download and upload, while if I inhibit access to the internet, the “consumption” of everything else that is connected to the network is about 10 MB . Given that for lack of fiber coverage I use the internet on consumption, it is a problem because in a short time you eat up all the GB available.
The problem is recent, because until recently it didn’t.
Thanks to those who can help me

Hard to say what the cause is. But i would recommend to first monitor if HA is the cause System Monitor - Home Assistant you could set up a sensor for network usage.

If HA causes high traffic, did you install/set up any new Integration? Speedtest?

My bet is that you are using the speedtest integration. It uses quite a bit of data on a regular interval (minutes)

“Solved” I hadn’t installed speedtest and hadn’t recently installed any new adon, I wiped the SD with HASSIO and started over from the beginning.

I came across this thread as I too had lots of traffic going in and out of Home Assistant- 2GBs every two hours sometimes!

I wasn’t using the Speedtest integration but it turns but one of my Integrations was still doing speed tests to get data for 1 sensor I failed to disable.

The part that stings is it was just doing so to get “Average Ping” information and I didn’t realize I had not turned that off along side the more obvious “Downlink/Uplink Bandwidth” sensors and spent a week confused about what was causing do much upload traffic.

I put in a suggestion to maybe make the documentation a bit clearer for ding-bats like my that didn’t realize the Ping data would come at the cost of so much traffic exchanged with speedtest.net.