I’m reading directly from the database home-assistant_v2.db.
I’m a bit puzzled what the absolute time is, used to write to the database.

  • in homeassistant (the front end): it’s using the Europe/Brussels time zone (the one I live in :slight_smile: )
  • in hassbian: it seems to be BST (British), so one hour difference with the homeassistant frontend (not really an issue).

If I look at the times in the database home-assistant_v2.db, it seems to be two hours difference. Is it somewhere documented what absolute time the recorder is using? (i.e. is it always two hours difference, does it change with winter/summer time, … )


I guess the database could be in UTC instead of local time, that would explain the difference. I’d like to know this also, I was unable to find the info in the ‘recorder’ section of the docs. :slight_smile:

well, apparently it’s part of the ‘last_changed’ attribute
it seems like in the world of time definitions, the hours after the + indicate the offset to UTC …