Home Assistant Web Interface fails to launch

I’m running Hass.io in a Proxmox VM and it’s been working fine for a while.

Recently i’ve made some network changes which mean the IP scope i’m using has changed from 192.168.0/24 to 192.168.1/24. I didn’t think this should cause any issues as i’m using DHCP with a reservation anyway.

However, since doing this i’ve seen a strange issue when I reboot the Hass.io host.

On doing so the system seems to reboot but the web interface for Home Assistant fails to start. I’m not able to browse the site on port 8123 using either regular HTTP or SSL.

I’ve found that if I go to the console in Proxmox and run a ‘homeassistant rebuild’ command then it seems to solve the issue, but only until the next reboot.

Does anyone have any clue on what might be causing the issue please?

Grateful for any help.


Ok, so it looks like the rebuild also now doesn’t fix the issue.

Other containers must be running ok because things like the Ad-blocker add-on are still working.

Any ideas?