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I am trying to access my HA installation from within the office network, but am blocked by the firewall sesttings based on web content category.
According to one lookup I did, HA declares itself as Uncatergirized.

Can this be changed anywhere, eg to “Technology - Other”, in line with the cummunity and product webpages (as these are accessible for me), or is it all up to IAB to automatically assign a category - which will not likely happen as HA and Lovelace is by purpose closemouthed…

Is it Home Assistant that declares this classification or is it the firewall company?

It seems like catecory is determined by webcrawlers that gather metadata from the sites (by IAB), which then publishes data with URL and determined catagory…


This is an entierly new field for me, one that I have not bothered with before…

I am happy with HA not revealing too much when probed from outside, but in this case the lack of information causes the company firewall to block my access only based on category.

I assume you are using https? If so it would it not be be your domain, cloudfare, duckdns, etc. I found a couple of posts relating to this. One pointed here, where you can categorize a cloudfare sub domain.


I am using the cloudflared solution/integration, so yes, it is https.

I understand that the initial category is based on whatever the crawler manages to extract based on meta keywords that is encountered. In this perspective HA seems to be minimalistic which I generally believe is a good idea.

I have filed “corrective” request from within cloudlared, time will tell if that is approved by whatever function that does the review…

When I started digging into this I had the idea that there was some more obvious keywords that could be set in order to determine the category, but it seems more and more that it much of a random process and not so much in my control as I expected.



so fingers crossed :slight_smile:

This sounds like ‘application control’ on some firewall devices and is normally a policy setting on the individual firewall.
But it sounds like you submitted your home IP address as the target IP - that’s probably not going to pass their checks as it won’t have a registered owner other than your ISP.
Your best bet would be to use a VPN home from your phone or else ask the administrator to unblock the IP address in the firewall, but this would be unlikely to be approved as it’s opening a hole from an untrusted network.

Yeah, that submission will be rejected.
RonnieLasts points are reasons enough actually, but the fact that there is also exist no category to put it in will be cause enough.
There is no category for private website.

When I submitted the request it was to the public URL, not IP-address.

I have no intention to try the route through the corporate IS-organization, ther eis no way I can build a business case for my private HA installation :slight_smile:

Does there exist anything such as private websites?

In my world internet is just plain websites. Private or public is a matter of access and financing, but this case it is third party classification, although this particular third party has become a de facto standard that others make use of.

In my case I use my domain and it is just lack of interest/ambition that has stopped me from setting up a blog or something similar (which would then have been public).

But, the request is filed towards AIB, or whomever is on the other end of radar.cloudflare.com, so time will tell of the outcome.

Curious question - I just noticed that this post has been moved(?) to “Feature Requests”, and I do not mind - just wondering because as far as I can recall I created it as “Uncategorized”…

Because you were making a request that would have to be implemented by the frontend devs:

But is it a public URL which is registered to your IP? If so, that’s still a personal website and is unlikely to be approved.

If it possible to implement a change that addresses this I am more than happy :slight_smile:

Whether anyone else has the same experience and thus want to upvote we’ll see.

You should at least vote for yourself. :wink:

Websites that are not publicizing any information to anonymous internet connections, because they require login for any information access at all, such as HA.

What Wally says. And let’s not forget the websites in intranets, the local company networks, that aren’t even available outside of that company network. :slight_smile:

Well, websites that are not even available on the internet is not really the discussion here, such as a HA installation only accessible from within the LAN.

I’d call them just that, anonymous websites. There is no way of knowing if they are private, government, commercial or anything else. But that might be just me.

Nevertheless, it has no relevance to my question-turned-into-request, whether there is anything that can be done with regards to the website categorization for a HA installation that one choses to be available on the internet.

Requesting a re-categorysation has resulted in a change:

The category I requested was Technology, the robot(?) concluded something else, but good enough for at least the corporate firewall as I now can access the HA login screen.