Home assistant whisper in another server

Does anyone know any way to use home assistant’s whisper with another server like rhasspy and mycroft? I don’t want to create another whisper server in a second computer

Hi Mark, unless it’s me but your question is quite strange: you want to use whisper with another server but not a second computer… that seems a contradiction to me.

To give you an idea, and maybe this helps: I run HA Core in a container on my server and whisper & piper run in a containerized docker on the same server but this could also be another physical machine.

I’ve a raspberry with home assistant and lots of computers in my house that are running rhasspy. I have already installed whisper in the raspberry with home assistant and I don’t want to have 2 servers with whisper.

You only need 1 whisper, and if needed 1 piper, instance in your network.
Your HA needs to be configured to use these services to be able to use TTS and STT