Home-Assistant Wiki Project

Hey Friends,
i´ve been workin on a MediaWiki for Home-Assistant.
I´ am searching for some people from different Countries who would like to help me on creating some Pages and Content.
If you interested in the Project than take a look on it (www.Home-Assistant.wiki) and hopefully we can make a great Wiki.

P.S. I hope you understand me… Sorry for my bad english :confused:


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What is your goal with this wiki that the existing forums, website, reddit, gitter chat room, github, etc do not fulfill?

Not anybody can understand the english instructions.
a MediaWiki can be made multilangual.


@brianjking is right (well, maybe appart reddit where it has been already mentionned that it’s more usefull that we try to have all discussions here), and I agree with him that it feels much nicer and easier than multiplying websearches to get good content.

I’ll try to make my reply helpful : what about a localization component (starting with the community forum) ?

What I thought would actually benefit most of us, is to have localization also part of HA itself: allowing you to rename parts of the GUI, but also the component names themselves.

I did work on localizing strings, as a while back I wanted a software license but couldn’t afford it!
I know how doing this alone is a daunting task, and wouldn’t it be easier/faster to try to achieve as a community?

There’s a lot to consider but it doesn’t need to have any impact on the community forum : old users default to english results, but new users would get the option to add discussions in their native language.

There’s a caveeat in allowing the renaming components names : the lozalization module should have a script to ouput whole (or parts) of the config file as ‘de-localized’ (so translating it back while keeping the YAML syntax, you can see how it also begs for validation of the localization strings) : making it possible to ask questions to the english-speaking users.

There is already a common understanding that a growing userbase is a benefit, that’s why @brianjking asked you the right question. I’m also not a dev by trade, so when I’m not bringing something useful to the discussion, I always chose lurking over trolling. I’m also going close to a decade of living abroad : so even if I don’t care for it much for myself, I actually know the feeling (and didn’t say @brianjking is trolling!).

So just to give you ideas how to better spend your time : ask the community if they have the resources, will and time. You can sure use these ideas and add your own vision, I’ll be glad to see what happens after enough people vote on it, you never know!


Anyone who will help me, can register himself in the wiki and can work on it.

A while back we extensively discussed the topic of having a wiki. The work-flow with home-assistant.io is pretty much like a wiki: “Click edit, make your changes, and press a button to save your work”. If you want it the easy way.

Localized content for ha.io was never on the table as nobody asked for it or submitted something in this direction.

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Looks like that spam arrived at http://home-assistant.wiki