Home assistant with arduino board?

Hi All,

I’m totally new bee to this, I have a requriment to control the home using arduino board with home assistance.As per hass document the upload the standard fimata to my board and configured the connected usb port in configuration.yaml.

Now my questions are :

1.Home assistant is an installer,where should i code,how it will compile and execute. can you please elaborate the process how it works with arduino(please share me if you have any smaple projects).

  1. As per HASS document i can setup arduino switch and arduino sensore, using this can i achieve the below functionality:
    - Live camera streaming,
    - room temperature
    - voice communication
    - door,light,fan and window controls.

  2. For the above functionality do we have any other framework except home assistant. But i should only arduino.

I have much more questions,i would like to get clarrification upto this.

Please give me your answers.

Thanks in Advance !!!

Arduínos can’t run Home Assistant…

You need an installation of Home Assistant. After that you can integrate Arduino boards running Firmata.

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How many arduino boards can someone use silmutanously on one HA instance?

Unlimited if you were to use network protocols instead of direct serial connection. Add wifi (esp8266, or just run an ESP8266 without the Arduino), and use MQTT or HTTP API.

Unlimited - I prefer to use Mysensors and connect Arduinos with RPI using any simple USB hub (it take some time to configure but works flawless)

@Michal_Nowakowski . I have a home automation project with two mega Arduinos, practically all the pins are being used. The entire system is wired. I also use Broadlink and Google Home. I’m deploying the Home Assistant that worked on everything, tv, cameras, tv flap, etc. As for the automation of the lampsis my problem. I made the USB communication accessed ok, I created a switch that worked via HA with the FirmataStandard installed on the Arduino, however in this case the Arduino cannot manage the switches in the house, that is, the switches send the pulses to the Arduino and as the port it commands the what you should do (if you light a lamp). With the firmata the Arduino is a mere coadjuvate in the system, in this case it could only light the lamps by the application or by voice command, the house switches do not work. Another way would be to connect the arduinos via LAN both are on the network I can ping but I can’t make the thing work with HA. The Arduino is connected to the network by this Enc28j60 Mini Ethernet Network Card. Could someone help me in this regard how to do or by USB (half is working) or by LAN?

Hi. Yes - Firmata is not a good way. It works good when you have have not so many sensors / switches connected (Firmata do not store states in EEPROM, so when you reset HA, your switches will be set to off). You definately need to change your shetches to MySensors… I know this is a lot of work but it’s worth it…

I ended up connecting my Arduino boards to the network via cable (LAN) and made the connection with the Home Assistant via MQTT, everything is working very well, I didn’t check to test MySensor. I want to thank you for all the feedback I’ve had on this.

hi,can you explain me that…i am trying…but i can do it