Home assistant with conned line access

Hi guys
I am using HA installed on my Rastbery pi 4B and connect to it with keyboard and HDMI cable. It works as should be and those commands works fine https://www.home-assistant.io/hassio/commandline/
but I have few questions here

  1. When I install add-on from cli for example “ha addons install core_duckdns” how I can edit config file of that add-on? How to edit HA core configuration.yaml without “docker exec -it bash”?

  2. When I run some commands like “ha supervisor info” it return too long text which can’t be shown on one screen but there are no way scroll page up/down. Why?

  3. When I do login with “root” and then type “login” it allow me use linux os. How i install some packages there? For example some file manager like “midnight commander”?

  4. I saw there are docker installed and it run those containers for HA and other addons. Can i install some other docker containers like ubuntu. Is it break something?


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If you flashed the image you have a very minimal host OS. It isn’t designed or intended for what you’re doing. If you really want to use local console access, install packages (on the host), or install other Docker containers then you’d need to flash Raspbian and follow the alternative HA install guide.

Thanks. Ok there are a lot of limits, but how it should even work in general? For example you install DuckDNS add-on from store “ha addons install core_duckdns” and there are config settings where you must set authorized_keys. How to do it from console?

You don’t

The Supervised image is designed to be managed through the UI. There is command line access for some things, but it’s not intended to be managed that way.

If you want a command line experience then you should look at a native Docker install instead.

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I only need minor changes, fix the entity name, language overwriting, and the like. Just add Midnight Commander, I won’t do a new installation for such little things :frowning: