Home Assistant with supervisor on WSL2 with USB passthrough and bridged networking

I’m currently running Home Assistant (with supervisor) on a VirtualBox VM on Windows 11 with bridged networking and full USB passthrough.

I know in the past, Home Assistant Supervised could only be installed on Debian with Docker. However, I’m hoping there’s a way to do this Docker for Windows with WSL2 backend.

Can I install Home Assistant (with Supervisor for full backups) on WSL2 (Debian) with full USB passthrough (using usbipd) and bridged networking (by adding config settings to .wslconfig)?

Anyway, if at all possible, I would be grateful if someone could point me to a dummy-proof step-by-step resource I can follow for Windows 11… I have a gut feeling I’m missing something fundamental; which is why I can’t find much information about this.

Thanks in advance!

I never use port passthrough for any serious vm. Regardless of the hypervisor, it is looking for trouble.

Because I don’t think this will be possible. You may be the first to try. Keep us filled in.