Home Assistant without Zigbee2Mqtt installed


Tried for a while HA supervisor with Mosquitto, Zigbee2MQTT et HA supervisor on a Debian 12 PC running a Sonoff dongle plus (latest firmware 20230507) all latest updates for the software


Was constantly having problems with the dongle not seeing anything and or communicating badly with some zigbee devices that I have, and just couldn’t get it to work correctly

So I wiped everything did a fresh Debian installation added Mosquito again (slightly different installation setup)

(I actually forgot to install the Zigbee2Mqtt installation

But when I fired up the HA for the first time the dongle was seen straight away, and since then all is working perfectly

So my question is what does / is the Zigbee2Mqtt installation for
Effectively I have no npm or node version that I had before and no zigbee2mqtt/data/configuration.yaml

But everything works
So a little confused to why it’s needed as all seems perfect

Home assistant has ZHA integration to work natively with zigbee.

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It’s one way of getting Zigbee devices into HA. As you discovered HA has native support with ZHA.

It’s not needed, but it supports many more automation platforms than just Home Assistant, and many people prefer it to ZHA (and many people prefer ZHA to Z2M).


You might also have a look at this useful info: Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization

Great article, thanks for the head’s up

My problems weren’t so much due to interference but not integrating correctly with the Debian setup, errors due to NPM not working correctly. ttyUSB0 not being accessed correctly, loads of people here with that problem, regardless of the permissions given to it. (Error while starting zigbee-herdsman)

So I’m just glad that it now all works as it should be