Home Assistant Wont Connect Locally but Connects Remotely

HI everyone,

I have been running a small HA setup on a raspberryPi 4 for the better part of a year now with minimal hiccups. Yesterday afternoon we had a power outage (about 2 hours long and not the first since starting this system) and after the power came back on I have been unable to access HA locally but it is working fine if I access it remotely. I use nabucasa for remote access and the Pi is physically plugged into my router via ethernet. I have tried homeassistant.local:8123 (with http, https, and nothing in front) as well as x.x.x.x:8123 (again with all variations of http) to no avail. I also am unable to ping the HA Pi through the command line even though it is still showing up on my routers devices page. However, if I go to the remote access URL or if I access it through the companion app, everything works fine and my automations and everything are working without issue.

Does anyone know why I would be able to access HA remotely but not locally?



Out of pure frustration I power cycled the router a second time and for some reason it is working perfectly fine now. I still do not know what was causing the strange behavior or why the original power cycle did not fix it.