Home assistant wont sboot, how do i edit secrets.yaml?

I made changes to secrets.yaml and after that HA will not reboot, i cannot get into the UI.

Is there a way to edit the yaml files? Maybe through SSH? It’s on the network but inaccesible.

^ Yes this.

i tried [email protected], without luck couldn’t find a password.

tried with my username in HA, root@…

Is there a standard login, i haven’t made any changes.

Can edit the data on the SD card from another system?

Yes you can do that. You will need a system or software capable of reading Linux partitions.

The SSH login is root & the password you set when you set up the addon. Get a password manager.

Seems you’re trying random things, but not understanding the setup.

How did you install home assistant? hassio? you need to have the ssh add-on installed first.

Hassbian/Raspbian? user is pi, default password should have been changed on first boot.

sudo@ip isn’t a valid user.