Home Assistant won't start, not even the CLI

It won’t start for a few days now, I try to debug some logs but it says not even the CLI comes up.
Can someone kindly advise what is wrong and how to fix it?
Any help is appreciated!

It is running in a RasberryPi4 and the console logs are as below:

Looks like a dead SD card.


I would confidently say IS a dead SD card.

for reference, mmcblk0 is the kernel block device for the card when mounted


Unfortunately SD cards (and USB memory sticks) do deteriorate or get corrupted at random. It’s a known issue, but because the cards are cheap …

You might be able to resurrect the SD card … but probably not worth the trouble.

Recommend you take another SD card, install Home Assistant, and restore your latest backup (previously called a snapshot).

Depending on which part of the SD card is corrupted, you can put it in your PC and try to copy the backup file from it.

For future, it is a good idea to copy your working Home Assistant SD card to a spare card, so you can swap it quickly if/when this happens again. Doesn’t mean I do it though :wink:

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Its clearly as deteriorated sd card.

I’ve observed that using hass on sdcard causes fine amount of delays.

Best is to move to an ssd.

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