Home Assistant Yellow Performance Monitoring


My yellow arrived and I have migrated from my virtual (kvm) machine via backup/restore.

All is working, but I’m wondering how I can monitor CPU Load and Memory Usage. (Storage usage is easy to find under settings).

I used to do this on the KVM host previously to see what virtual resources were being consumed.

What are others doing?

The hard bit would be getting access to the supervisor for instrumentation, but for casual checks:

  • Settings → system → Hardware → THEN WAIT

The Processor and Memory graphs only appear after a few seconds data collection.

My Yellow (CM4 kit, 2Gb RAM, eMMC) floats at Processor 2% Memory 0.9 GB / 2 GB running with ~90 devices, Z-Wave, Zigbee, MQTT, ESPhome, etc.

My guess is HACS might have some extra stats collection tools.

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The systemmonitor and Supervisor integrations should expose most of what you’re looking for.


“Then Wait” :man_facepalming: Yes, that’s what I was looking for, did think that page was looking sparse!

I had already observed the supervisor integration, it looks to be constrained to add-on CPU but systemmonitor looks like the right thing!

Thank you both!