Home Assistant Yellow - problems with configuration persistence

not sure if this “installation” category is correct, but I would like to raise a problem with a Home Assistant Yellow box that I received recently.
I successfully fixed the DOA problem (with unseated CM4 board) and it looks fine, but then I decided to add an SSD drive to it and suddenly this action clearly brought to me yet another major issue:
The Yellow box completely erases any existing configuration and then it starts from the scratch.

Any actions that requires reboot acts like a factory reset. It is really anoying.
Possible steps to reproduce:

  • Initiate move data to the new SSD drive → reboot → a fresh clean device
  • Install Web & SSH Terminal to install HACS → reboot → a fresh clean device
    → Just reboot → a fresh clean device

How to fix it???

I have this problem with a Yellow that I recently setup (well, physically setup, I can’t actually use it because any restart clears all settings).

Did you ever find a solution?

I contacted support and they suggested re-seating the CM4, which fixed my problem. I took off the heatsink, unscrewed the CM4 hold down screws, popped off the CM4, then put it back making sure to line up the tracks before pushing until it clicked.