Home Assistant Yellow + ZHA + Aqara Door sensor (migration from Conbee II)

Dear community,

I moved my system from a Pi3B to a Home Asssitant Yellow. Therefore moved also from ConbeII to the ZHA integration with the integrated Silicon Labs Zigbee Coordinator.

I can pair all my devices except some Aqara Door Sensors. I have a couple of them and some I can pair directly (after reset) and the others do not show up in the ZHA integration. When I check the logs I see the following:
0xD5ED](lumi.sensor_magnet.aq2): Device seen - marking the device available and resetting counter
0xD5ED: Update device availability - device available: True - new availability: True - changed: False

All Aqara Door Sensors were working without an issue in ConbeeII before mirgration. I also updated the Silicon Labs Zigbee Coordinator to the newest firmware build 176

What I do to reset the Aqara - hold the Reset button for >10 Seconds until it constantly flashes.
To Pair I hold the reset button until it blinks 3 times.

Any Idea how to solve this issue? Do I perform the reset wrong?
Thanks for your help!

Ahhhh - now it works. No issue with Home Assistant but the stupid Aqara Door sensors…
This Post done the trick:

You made my day - thanks a lot!

  • Some battery-operated Zigbee devices are known to have problems with pairing if they have Low battery voltage.

  • Some people have reported replacing the battery on their newly received Xiaomi/Aqara devices solved pairing issues."
    Zigbee Home Automation - Home Assistant

This did the Trick! New Batteries and everything works like charm. Also batteries shown as full & devices were Blinking a new batterie only made them get paired with the yellow!