Home Assistant

Hello everyone
I am very new to home assistant .
Can someone tell me what is the exact difference between home assistatnt and hassio .
Also on the official site of HA there are 2 source codes given ?What do they exactly reflect and how are they interlinked ?

And how can I open my UI from those codes and the control different devices .

Strangely, I answered this fifteen minutes ago here

Thanks for your reply

can you tell me that if I don’t use hassio then from where can I edit my config files ?

I’m afraid there is not set answer to that question. It can be anywhere depending on how you installed HA and how you run it.

Hey I got a way to edit my files .

But now when my Internet is down it is not able to detect my knx lights ?
What should be the ip addresses in the following configuration while using home assistant without Internet ?
host: ‘xxxx’
port: 3671
local_ip: ‘xxxx’

I’m afraid I can just spell knx, so can’t help you there.


I got it. We need to create a local network between our linux machine and knx device and provide the static ethernet connection IP addresses for host and local machine both.