Home Assistent / Developer Tools -> Available Services

when I navigate to Developer Tools -> Available Services i do see many youtube videos where the right boarder of that “Available Services” Screen is populated with available Services like: homeassistent/restart or homeassistent/stop or logbook/log and many more.

When I look into my config and navigate to the same page the right boarder is empty! I do not have one link. Is there anything I can config so I can see this services with Home Assistent?

I think this got changed around the 29 or 30 version. Click the first pull down and you get a component/domain option. Then the next box down will provide services for that component/domain.

Im guessing they moved to this as some lists could get very long with lots of components installed.

does make sense and also pops up the place you mentioned. My hope was that I have forgot any config.