Home assitant cloud , alexa and echoplus!

Hi guys.
I’m quite news to this world and I’m tryng to better understand.
I’ve setup Homeassistant on linux and also th home assistant cloud (trial for now).

Many of my devices have been discovered (termostats, aircon etc…) but I’ve also some plugs and lights zigbee that use amazon echo plus as hub that are not recognized in home assistant. From My understanding the zigbee hub of the echo cannot seen from HA.
What I was thinking is to use a “virtual device” in HA to trigger 2 action (light/plug on and light/plug off) in Alexa. Is it possible?

I’ve read about but not found a clear reply and a simple and straightforward example.



The custom Alexa media player now allows you send commands to Alexa via text so you could simply get HA to action your zigbee lights and switches by just asking Alexa to do it

Thanks a lot. I was thinking was just used to mediaplayer function but effectively I notice it does a lot more!