Home Assitant

can not get the home page using vb on widows 11

A little more information is required…

• are we to assume VB is virtual box?
• can you see if Home Assistant has started
• which browser are you using
• what address are you entering in the browser

Good Morning Robert , the answers to your questions are

  1. yes vb = virtualbox
    2.no i can not see home assistant has started
  2. the browser is Microsoft Edge
    hope this helps
    plus one more thing just in case its not showing i might need to edit the settings again ,but when i bring up the vb i cannot re edit anything there …also i have a vpn running on my router (Nord vpn)on ddwrt

thanks for your 1st reply Peter

You should put more effort into this.

Then it is not started, because you could see a banner on the virtualbox console if it was.