Home Automation as a Job

Hello Everybody. My name is Giovanni and I live in Florida. Ive been working on the home automation for my new house just in the last couple of months and really like HA and everything related to that. I’m pretty techy but never really got into Home automation before. I was wondering if anybody does this as a job, if profitable and the best way to bill somebody (hourly or fix rate).
Also do you guys see this as something that might be done in the future with success and last for years or it’s going to become easier and easier with the time and non techy people would be able to customize their home automation to the point we do now with HA?

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I’ve always shied away from doing it as a job because I’m concerned my clients might be rich assholes :slight_smile:.

One thing you might consider is that only someone very wealthy will be willing to have a truly automated system because the high cost to dial it into their daily life and flow. From my experience most semi-wealthy people want something turn-key that looks like something from a catalog and isn’t much home automation but more like fancy looking controls.

There are customers, finding them is probably very difficult, but once you find a few, the rest get easier!


From my experience also there are three kinds of people, very wealthy who pay good money to get it done (in the Netherlands where I live you can count those people on one hand). Then you have the semi rich who love to buy a Philips hue, or 6, and use only that. And you have people like us. So not much money to make in either of those two. And the first group I try to stay away from :joy:
Like @bbrendon said.

I think there is more money an joy to gain from walking dogs. And I’m a cat person. :speak_no_evil: