Home Away status changing

The new app is working great. Location tracking seems to be working great, however it randomly reports me as not being home then back to home. It is odd because I am also using DD-WRT as a tracker as well. I thought maybe my geofence was to small, but even enlarging didn’t help. I also thought about consider_home, but the times it says I am not home are between a few minutes and 15. When my phone registers as away it is still attached to my network, as it comes up in my client list on the router.

I noticed this today as well - similarly, I use ASUSWRT + iOS app tracking. I turned my phone wifi off while still home (slow home internet and wanted to use 4G) and Home Assistant suddenly decided I wasn’t home. This was after being home for 10+ hours overnight…

I opened the app and did a manual location update which put me home again.

Strange, what is even stranger, is I just set up my wife’s phone with the app, and her location is stable. I looked at my history over night and i was not home every 15 minutes or so. Strange. I wonder if it has to do with the app refreshing. Thankfully I have an automation to turn off location automation after a certain time. So my lights were randomly turning on.

Try increasing your zone radius.

Tracking iOS devices with Router or other Wifi scan devices, is not a good idea. iOS disconnect to wifi connection completley so safe energy and that will show as “not home”
I never got this to work.
Try to use only iOS.app Location tracking.

Info: the background loctation update in iOS is fixed to 500 meters. Best results is to increase zone to min 500m.

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It has been working fine for me for the last several months with no real issue. I had consider_home set to 3 mins and never had much of a problem. As soon as I installed the iOS app it started happening. Though only to my phone not my wife’s. I am going to try and increase the zone to 500m see if that helps

did you ever solved it?

In part yes, I moved! What I ended up doing was increasing my home zone. And turning off any automation that triggered based on me being home only during certain hours.

@Martinvdm @kolossboss - how does one adjust the radius for the iOS app please? The iOS app is jittery and sometimes marks me at home when I’m still at work. My work is close to my house, about 90m away. However, Life360 never suffers from this problem. Thanks

I have the same issue. Device tracking was working fine but I recently moved house so updated my home location in home assistant. however since then my my location seems to be very unstable it’s randomly reports I am away and then home again within a few minutes or sometimes it report my location is unavailable and then I am home again. Last night it’s reported I had arrived home every hour even though I had not gone out. This is doing the same on my partner’s phone. This is quite annoying because we have many automations based on our location. Also it’s sometimes reports that I am back at my old address even though I am not. I can’t figure it out. I have my home location set for a 200m radius. When home assistant reports I am away I checked my location on the map and on Google maps and it clearly shows I am home. Does anyone think uninstalling and reinstalling the app will make any difference.

Usually after you move, Apple has a tough time deciding your location because they use the wireless access point’s BSSID to shortcut doing a real GPS check for battery reasons. Usually what happens is the phone’s location will bounce to the old coordinates. You can either wait for Apple’s database to update based on your new location, or reset/change your BSSID (which many but not all access points/routers support).

Additionally, you can look at the Location History in the app’s App Configuration > Location which includes every location update the app sends represented visually, with a ‘share’ button to send debug information. If it’s not just bouncing to the old location, this will be able to pinpoint what’s happening, at least.

Thank you for that information however I on Android but I will definitely try this. I’ve had to turn my location automations off for now because all our devices keep switching off in the house at random times because it thinks we’ve both gone out. (Showing us back at our old house location)

If that doesn’t work, you might find success posting for help in the Android (rather than Apple) section of these forums.

I don’t have any problems on ios 15 with that issue.
My distance is 100 meter, still working fine.

I will report back if there will be an issue anytime soon.

I’ve some sort of issue were background location update is being turned off, after a while. I then have to go to the settings and turn it back on. Any idea what might cause the issue?

On iOS, the system regularly prompts for if you want to keep the location setting as ‘Always’ or revert back to ‘While in Use’. Depending on which option you pick, it may turn off the background support. It’s a dialog that pops up randomly, even when not using the app.

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