Home Companion and/or IOS status (new releases)?

I am running the latest publicly available IOS and Home Assistant Companion packages with Icloud3.

Home Assistant Companion is seeing zone changes, but near as I can tell, those are either thrown away or just don’t reach my homeassistant RPI. I see others have similar problems…but it seems that there is a new version of one or both packages in beta.

What is the status…are new version(s) almost here or maybe even here, but I am looking in the wrong place??

where is the beta???

Beta expires in 27 days :confused:

I now have the beta…hope it goes live before it expires.

Dang it expired…what are we supposed to do next??? Anyone know how to get the app working again…I’m back to using a Safari link again!

There is a new update (before it expired) in Testflight.

Thanks! It was a 2am night when I set all that up to use the beta and I completely forgot that I needed to use the TestFlight app…I’m pulling the update now — Thanks!

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