Home connect alt: How to catch timer alarm signal on a siemens oven?

Hello, I have a Siemens oven running with home connect.
I’m trying to trigger some events when my oven’s timer alarm rings.

The entity “alarmclock” is the countdown of the timer. I tried to trigger an action when entity “alarmclock” gets to 0 but it is not reliable. HA get the signal a long time after it rings.

Before HA, I was using an other system called jeedom with a similar integration. There was a fiels ‘alarm’ and it was very reliable, that’s why I’m not worried about the capabilities of the api to transmit the required info.
But I can’t get it working under HA.

Fyi: I also tried with the official integration and the mentioned entities are unavailable.
Could anyone help me please ???
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: