Home Connect integration: Control exhaust hood light?

It’s me again :slight_smile:

As you can see I am very busy in my HA setup right now :smiley:

I am very happy that there is a Home Connect Integration now. However the only thing I need it for is: Activate the exhaust hoods light in my cooking scene.

The sad thing: That seems to be the only thing that can’t be controlled through the integration (in the Home Connect it’s possible)?

Is it possible to send a command to activate the light (without starting the vent).


nobody else interested in this? As the option is available in the app, I am quite sure it can’t be a big deal to add that switch… :slight_smile:

Would really appreciate it. It is the one small thing that really annoys me in my smart home - when I say that I am going to cook, it is doing all it should - but not lighting up my cooking area :smiley:

P.S.: I thought I posted this in Feature Requests. Seems not. Moved it now.


I’m also looking for a similar solution. At first sight, this is not documented in the API docs. However, the option is available in the home-connect app.

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Yes, I’m also searching for this option.

I found this in the docs:

Both seems to be applicable for the hood, however I do not know if the integration try to search for these key’s to check if it;s supported by the device. At least on my hood I can turn on the lights and set the brightness using the mobile app so it’s at least supported.

Set brightness:

    "data": {
        "key": "BSH.Common.Setting.AmbientLightBrightness",
        "value": 70,
        "unit": "%",
        "type": "Double",
        "constraints": {
            "min": 10,
            "max": 100,
            "access": "readWrite"

I also found:

Anyone with more info about this topic?
It seems the change is merged in the beta/development version that can be installed via HACS. As I can see this change is made later than the formal version that is part of the HA Core.

I installed the HACS version to test but no luck so far. I seems to work just the same as the core version. At least the hood light/brightness attributes are not created. Maybe it requires some additional manual work?

Anyone who got this working?

So what do you all think of home connect in general? I have integrated my washer and dryer but it doesn’t work properly.

It is extremely unstable - I only have a Coffee Machine connected, and I have an automation that should turn this on when I get out of bed. But 5 out 7 days it does not work, as HA cannot communicate with Home Connect. Below is a typical error:

Error while trying to turn on device: {'key': 'SDK.Error.HomeAppliance.Connection.Initialization.Failed', 'description': 'HomeAppliance did not respond to connection initialization requests in time, it might be offline'}

It is not offline, as I can go in to the Home Connect APP, and everything works.

Thank you Bjarne! Let’s hope someone can find the time to work on this! The Home Connect App works fine so it must be HA.

In my Home I have thecooking plate, exhaust and oven with Home Connect and all works well so far - with Home Connect App and HA. Just need that light switch in HA to be happy :smiley:

Got a couple of Bosch Home Connect ovens, hob, and the cooker hood - only reason we ended up with the WiFi versions is because kitchen refit, and the only available appliances available due to the pandemic were the superdooper versions with all the bells that nobody else wanted to purchase.

Also interested in following when the cooker hood light can be activated remotely - will have got 38 smartbulbs installed (or ready to be installed) in this new area of the house and to be able to toggle via HA will help my electricity bill.

Also interested in controlling the lights, i have a hood with light thats adjustable in colour (warm/cool) that would also be nice too control.

Guys if you need it too, click the vote button :slight_smile:

Done, just voted

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I have installed my " Neff ICBS258W" today, which can be controlled by “Home Connect”.
I have used the nabu Casa “Home Connect”-Integration: https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/home_connect/

I only can control the ventilator - but not the LIGHT! (I voted for this here already :slight_smile: )

Being able to also control the light on the “extractor hood” would be the key to control the lighting in my kitchen.
Without being able to control the light, the integration is only at 50% of what I was hoping for :frowning:

How and where could this feature be implemented?
I would like to “play around” with the code, but need guidance on where to find it - and how to test it.

Thanks and cheers - Robert

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Hi Guys, I really interested in the Hood light ON/OFF feature and brightness control. Can hep with the development and testing if someone can provide some guidelines for the feature development.

Thanks !!!

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Turning on/off the hood light via the Home Assistant integration works like a charm!

Cannot yet control the brightness of the functional light, would be great if that can be added as well!

Wasn’t here for quite a while. Very excited to see that it should work now. Going to update and check :slight_smile: