Home Connect integration: Control exhaust hood light?

It’s me again :slight_smile:

As you can see I am very busy in my HA setup right now :smiley:

I am very happy that there is a Home Connect Integration now. However the only thing I need it for is: Activate the exhaust hoods light in my cooking scene.

The sad thing: That seems to be the only thing that can’t be controlled through the integration (in the Home Connect it’s possible)?

Is it possible to send a command to activate the light (without starting the vent).


nobody else interested in this? As the option is available in the app, I am quite sure it can’t be a big deal to add that switch… :slight_smile:

Would really appreciate it. It is the one small thing that really annoys me in my smart home - when I say that I am going to cook, it is doing all it should - but not lighting up my cooking area :smiley:

P.S.: I thought I posted this in Feature Requests. Seems not. Moved it now.


I’m also looking for a similar solution. At first sight, this is not documented in the API docs. However, the option is available in the home-connect app.

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