Home Connect integration: program switches

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I have recently setup Home Connect integration for my new Bosch Dishwasher.
Very nice to see that you can monitor the status of a running program in Home Assistant. But I have the fealing that this integration is far from complete yet, if you compare it with the features of the Home Connect app.

The integration currently offers several program switches that are not clear to me.

First of all more then half of the programs do not seem to be applicable to my device.
I already learned that these are “hard coded” in the integration. In my opinion a bad coding example because at least this should have been configurable. But even better to use the API to detect the applicable programs for my device. I have seen that this is currently work in progress on, so hopefully this will improve soon.

So i tried to only turn on the switches that match the programs with my device. But whatever I do, nothing happens on the device itself.

What happens though is that some of the program switches turn on when I run a program via the Home Connect app or on the device itself. But this doesn’t work for all programs, in my case Favourite (default 15 min rinsing). In my opinion this should then work as a program sensor reflecting the running program as a state, not a switch for each program because there doesn’t seem to be any user interaction possible. Also I would expect an input select for program selection and not a toggle for each program because you can select only one program at the time.

So usage of current implementation needs some more improvements and at least some explanation on how to use this as it is not that intuitive as you might expect.

@Marsman i’ve configured HC for HA today and was puzzled on all the switches for several programms. Not sure if this is due to the HC Development API ( havent checked yet ) but certainly not all options/features/entities are making sense

Still need to continue testing/config

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