Home Connect Integration: use IFTTT to turn on / preheat oven

The genius rocket scientists at Bosch made a $3000 “smart” oven that 1) isn’t smart and 2) I was stupid enough to purchase. Without reading up on the fine print(* see note below).

I wanted a smart oven that I could A) start, and B) stop remotely, and perhaps even C) tell me the temperature inside the oven when I wanted to know that.

Guess what, you can`t.
It can do a lot of other incredibly far-fetched stuff, and, even after emailing back and forth for months, it turns out all of this is just politics, and, at the end of their last email they let me know, admittedly very vaguely but still unquestionably still in there, that I would more or less be sued by trying to use any of the data that the sensors in my (remember, $3000!) oven generated and reported, when I answered perhaps I would like to create an open source sensor to help computer nerds bake better bread. Or super fluffy cup cakes. By using the sensors. In my $3000 Bosch oven. As data to the simplest machine learning algorithm anyone never saw, because, you know, *Bosch would sue any potential bread bakers beyond belief". And just to be clear, in verbatim the actual verbage regarding this was:

 Last but not least I would like to mention that if you would like to use neural network to help you cook based on Home Connect API data, you will also need our approval, as, by following our Data Usage Guidelines – “Any data that is generated through the usage of our API is neither allowed to be sold or provided to another party nor to be monetized without the prior written agreement of Home Connect GmbH.” You can find more about it on our site: https://developer.home-connect.com/how_it_works.

Anyways, I discovered by clicking next two or three times by integrating Home Connect on IFTTT, anyone with a magic IFTTT “maker channel” URL, could, in fact, turn on, preheat, and turn off the oven. MY oven. Remotely:


So, my feature request is very simple. Please, make it possible so that if I in the future one day dare to actually call a service in Home Assistant, like, oven.turn_on or oven.set_temperature, what in effect happens is that a humongous, garbled, twice-obfuscated, triple-salted, five megabyte big binary is wrestled right up on the call stack, every single byte of it painstakenly hammered by hand, byte by byte, entirely in Power-PC assembly, from right to left by looking in an orthogonally displaced mirror, like Leonardo da Vinci did and Nicola Tesla probably should’ve but didn’t so that we can have SOME MINISCULE ILLUSION OF SELF RESPECT WHILE BAKING BREAD WAITING FOR THE LOOMING BOSCH VERSUS NERD CUP CAKE LAWSUIT. Oh, by the way, the binary ends up making a POST or GET request to e.g. https://maker.ifttt.com/trigger/turn_on_my_beloved_oven/with/key/cD8secReTl0qwu as set up in the maker channel or webhooks or however IFTTT want to rebrand a straight HTTP POST as if they invented it together with Bosch on the same afterparty just after Tim Werner Lee passed out over the last liebfraumilch.

The feature I’m requesting could easily, if anyone dares to try, even relay the parameters needed to completely fill out even the tiniest of relevant variables on this web request up on IFTTT:

Just to round off this feature request with a more personal kind of request, please, while enumerating the actual items in whatever slice or array the rockety scientists up at Bosch will returns your .py code by using their shiny new May-2020 http get technology they co-invented together with IFTTT, that if you by chance hit this particular item within the array:

That please, enable everything you’ve got regarding logging, debugging and data generation if and whenever the $3000 Bosch Oven Slow Cook feature is triggered, because that is reserved specifically for either someone at the very top in the respective smart oven manufacturing chain, or when I flat out give up on this ridiculousness altogether and just stuff myself into the smart oven cavity myself.

Thank you.
You can move on and upvote this feature request now, or grab a handful of small pebbles and get in line over there together with the Bosch lawyers and wait for your turn to show the world what happens when people don’t read the fucking manual before they buy anything.

Oh, and by the way, related to German technology companies, I just got a 350 EURO 1-year renewal from the fellows over at Teamviewer.com, for another 12 month subscription of their remote administration service I used for 1 month out of the 12 I paid for before I gave up. Turns out it auto-renews, and, keeping in with the current german business trends as depicted above, you have to cancel 28 days prior if you want to have any chance of saving up to one day finally buy that Bosch Smart Dish Washer.

I get you. These “smart features” (also from LG) are **** :smiley:
The damm fridge does not expose door status to API but dares to beep while door is left open :smiley:

There should be some alliance started that rates these smart features by their “smartness”, API, clouds etc…

I understand your frustration.
But remember that the technology is still very new.

Think about how old remote wall sockets and such is (20 years? More?).
And they have all grown up to the point where they allow Google and Alexa to control them.

I’m sorry, but it will probably not help you, but the third or fourth generation will most likely have integrations to Google and Alexa.

Just a question, I’m not sure I understood really.
Can you or not control it from IFTTT?
If yes then I’m quite sure you can do the same from HA without IFTTT.

Well, there is the IFTTT integration that would allow you to interact with IFTTT from HA, which means you can already control the oven, even if it isn’t with pretty looking service calls.

Thank you for the support and tips.
While I could (and have) use IFTTT for stopping and starting the oven, the real integration has much more nice internal logic and state regarding the integrated devices, that I was hoping to avoid coding myself.
E.g. using The IFTTT Home Connect, you would need a “recipy” for each of the temperatures you hope to set. Like, 320 recipies. And then another 320 recipies for “4D Hot Air” (four dimensions of hot air, that nachspiel went out of hand when Berner Lee woke up for 5 minutes and stealthily swapped out the previous content of the Bosch engineers’ hash pipe with dimethyltrypamine-5 or something else to the same effect. I mean, how complex is having a fucking 12 volt fan blow some air over some red hot nichrome-wire to make the oven hot? They just added another fan from the top and observed some turbulence in the smoke inside the oven cavity when they stuffed the Bosch GmbH CEO’s white shirt inside the oven after washing away the red wine stains. With the tryptamine and all the smoke whirling around in there, of course they added another dimension).

In fact, I even installed a ifttt-cli tool to try to automate creating all those 5 * 320 recipies with a zsh for loop, but, as with most of the crappy javascript libraries out there, it didn’t pan out.

Now I’m also stuck with a grocy component I can’t get rid of or reinstall, even if every last single trace of it is removed from integrations, from hypervisor addons and all my config. It still complains about can’t start it, upon boot. I think something is rotten in my addon setup, even if I’m in HASSIO land. Can’t log in with -p 22222 because the USB key solution doesn’t work, even if it has in all the previous attempts, and the genious HDMI-MINI port needs an adapter to a proper HDMI, which I have purchased and picked up from the post office, then stored in a very special secret place to safekeep till the day I needed it. I just need to remember where.

Helle, anybody else found a different way besides IFTTT?

The entities i got for the oven are more or less disappointing -.-


Why is there no temp. entity for the Oven?

I was just reading through the documentations of the API and remembered this topic.


I have a couple of siemens devices, Oven, Steamer, connected with home connect to home assitant, but no way to read the temperature from them, Should expect that with a oven the most crutial thing is reading/publishing the temperature.

It’s most likely the integration that is not picking it up.

Connect with the API and you will probably be able to see the values.

Here is how you connect with the API:
Home Connect: maintenance alerts - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

So you are saying that the Home assitant intergration is not picking up the live values?
To check this i’m looking at the API that Home connect provides. as posted above the key: Cooking.Oven.Status.CurrentCavityTemperature should give that live value. am i correct?
From the simulator page in development home connect:

So im i correct that adding that key to the intergation should show the temperature in home assistant?

Yes, If you have the skill to add to an integration.
I just made a rest call to get more values from my washing machine.

Works fine for me.

You can try it out on the API.

Get the haID

Use the haID to run one of these. I don’t have a oven so I don’t know what they return for you, but I assume it’s one of these.

Once you found the data you want then you just need to get the curl command and add that as a rest sensor in Home Assistant to get all those values as a sensor.

You add a sensor like this:

  - platform: rest
    name: washing_machine_json
    resource_template: "https://api.home-connect.com/api/homeappliances/[ha-ID]/programs/active"
    method: GET
      authorization: 'Bearer [Auth-CODE]' # the auth code is the big masked string from my image above.
      content-type: 'application/json'
    value_template: '1'  # dummy value, not used; avoids the "State max length is 255 characters" error
      - "data" 
    scan_interval: 180 # 3 minutes

Can jou point me to the part that you have added to the integration? for me it’s all new but i’m willing to do it and put the time into it.

I had already started editing my previous post when you wrote this.

the part that you show under sensor: the code you added to your configuration.yaml?
So my understanding is that you just added this single api call to you configuration that get the data from the home connect API. So you did not add it to the integration?

Correct and correct.
I haven’t learned python enough to start messing with the integrations.

The geniuses over at Home Connect and Bosch decided that your brand new $3000 smart oven, that actually HAS an API, can and will not report its temperature or humidity to you. Neither can you start it remotely, as is advertised, unless you within 24 hours prior, manually choosed “remote start: ON” on the $5 Android touch screen and $2 vintage 6502 MOS they charged you $2000 extra for.

Not only will Bosch / Home Connect support tell you this, they will also tell you about your looming lawsuit where you are going to be sued, say, if you created a Home Assistant integration utilizing machine learning in order to cook better food. You know, with the $3000 oven you just bought.

Be advised: I was also indirectly threatened with a lawsuit should I ever share the information as shared above.


This is really stupid.
It’s the same thing with our washing machine. I can delay the start by up to 24 hours, meaning I don’t have to be home when it starts.
But in order to remote start I have to first enable it because of safety (?!).

It won’t start if the door is open, so what added safety is that?

This is what we really need:

  • A heat-resistant enclosure and cavity
  • Two sets of NiCr (nickel-crome) electrothermal alloy, for upper and lower heating. Same stuff you have in your bread toaster that glows orange. Define and connect a particular length and thickness of 80Ni20Cr wire to a specific voltage, the power draw will be such that the wire will meet your defined temperature every time. If you want larger surface area for faster dissipation of heat, reduce the thickness of the wire, increase its length, and wind the cable, as you see inside hair dryers/blowers.
  • Couple of digital voltage regulators to power the above
  • Couple of fans for distributing heat from alloys and to the cavity, and around in the cavity
    (what Bosch calls “4D Air”. Yes, four dimensions! Two fans! I dont even)
  • Heat-resistant multisensor ICs for temp/humid/pressure reading
  • Bunch of really high quality relays for switching the heating elements
  • A raspberry pi or similar to power the thing, and NO TOUCH SCREEN, the worst idea ever in a kitchen. You want to set the temperature manually and fans on or off, so just give me a rotary knob and a push button for the fans, just learn from audio/video and MIDI equipment who solved these problems in the 80s and 90s.

When you’re making food you’re a rock star in your own kitchen. Can’t have the guitar suddenly override your creative decision to have or don’t have fuzz on the audio output. In the middle of your gig. This is 2021. Elon is already sending humans to space by the thousands and every single one is going to die by radiation, hunger, or boredom. Meanwhile, you and me are stuck for eternity with our incredibly bad decision to EVER buy anything from Bosch or Home Connect, just waiting for lawyer Ferdinand von Schirach to come out of retirement to personally sue your ass.

I own a lametric time and on this device there is a Home connect app that can actualy show the oven temperature. So reading the temperature to Home assistant is possible. The Siemens oven is self cannot show the actual temperature, only the setpoint, on the lametric i can see the actual temperature.