Home Connect (oa Bosch Dishwasher)


I tried to connect to home connect, the smart home system of Bosch and more. I started the wizard and filled in some API details but did not finish the wizard. Tonight I wanted to get further on it but the wizard does not start again, if I add home connect in the (add integration) i directly goes to a website. Can anyone help me to completely restart the wizard and remove everything that has, i asume, has been saved in the home connect config?

By the way, home connect is added to my integrations, so basicly is hanging in between…?

Step 1, add home connect in HA
After clicking i’m going directly to this page (Step 2)
And if i go back to HA, i got this message Step 3)
To finish this step go to external website (which is not accessable)

I might have filled in the wrong API address? Anyone who got an idea how to fix this?