Home Detection switching on and off rapidly many times

I have setup home assist presence detection using the companion app on android (both phones). I have setup remote acces and in addition I have just now added pinging (not shown in the example image below.)
The problem is that the detection whether someone is home is really unstable. It triggers home and away many times. this causes unwanted behavior with the lights in my home. Any ideas on what I can do to solve this issue?
Thanks a lot!

This could be triggered by a lot of things. But let’s start by looking up yourselve on the map. The default home zone radius is 100 meters. If the accuracy of the location service on your phones app is not set accurate enough then it is possible you are hovering around the actual place you are. Hence leaving the 100 meter radius and moving back in often.

Also if you phone is applying some sort of battery optimisation on the HA app it could mean that the location is sometimes not available and other times is.

And as a pro tip I would not create automations that trigger on leaving or arriving in a zone without setting a time for it. For instance I turn off my house lights after leaving for more then 15 minutes.

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Thanks a lot for your reply!
I thought it was some battery related stuff as it happens to one particular phone. I will dig into that more.
Also I was wondering if I could set location to home automatically when connected to the home wifi. Do you know if and how this can be done? I don’t have unifi. And my KPN router (box 12) does not have a HA integration.

Also great tip on setting the timer on the automation!
Care to share how you set that up?

You can, but it will bot be a solution since when the GPS updates your position it will be changed again.
And your wifi trigger will only happen once

It seems there is a discrapency between the device and the person…
Any Ideas on how this can be and how to solve that?

What is the difference between Veer and Veers_mobiel? What kind of entities are that?

If your router doesn’t have a HA integration it isn’t really an option to use it.

Doesn’t the phone app have what wifi it’s connected to?

It does. And that is actually not a bad idea! Nice.

Though I do believe in redundancy, so counting all only on the HA app would be a no go for me personally.

yeah sorry It is in dutch… One is the person Veer. And the other is their mobile phone. (device tracker) Same goes for me ‘Simeon’ and my mobile phone ‘mobiel/telefoon’.

So I found the solution. It turned out I had both phones set as tracker devices for each person twice. After I removed one of the 2 it is now much more stable. In addition adding a 2 minute timer on home - away automations further solidified the automations behavior. :slight_smile: