Home Energy Management - JSON Solar

I would like to add my (unsupported) solar panel data into ‘Home Energy Management’ in HASSIO but unfortuantly the only way solar is supported is using a ‘clamp’ or a energy device which is supported as ‘energy integrations’.

My solar panel data (brand is Afore) comes from a JSON call using ‘platform: rest’. The entitites I get this way are not available in the selection ‘Home Energy - Solar’.

How can I make them available / use them to provide my solar data to Home Assistant Energy?

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If your inverter offers something of an API, we could build an integration for it so that you simply have the data available as entities directly :wink:

You don’t need a full integration. The entities just need to be configured with an appropriate device class and a state class in order to be selectable for energy monitoring. See Sensor Entity | Home Assistant Developer Docs for the various options.

Here is how I monitor my solar although it is using esphome custom integration so would be different but you can see the device and state classes I have set in the yaml: xantrex/xantrex.yaml at 88621569f94ebce58764f2874951d4034b49e308 · clockbrain/xantrex · GitHub