Home Energy Monitor v1 from Aon Labs, now Aeotec. Pairing issue

I have this old & reliable HEM v1 from Aeon (DSB09104-ZWUS) that worked great on my Pi running HA, with a HUSB combo stick Zwave controller.
I have since ‘upgraded’ to a MiniPC running HA and am using the new Zooz ZST39 LR stick. For the life of me, I cannot pair it with new HA…
So, I got the old Pi running again, a 2nd HA server and sure enough it’s still there. So it’s still connected to the HUSB combo stick.
What do you suggest I do ? I really like the info I get on my power consumption and still want to use it.
Can I remove it properly from my old Pi and have it discovered by my new HA running that Zooz Zwave controller…?
Thank you.

You have to exclude the device from the old controller before including it to the new one. It appears you skipped that step as you said it’s still responding to the old controller.

Check the documentation for the device on how to exclude or factory reset it. Then try the inclusion process again.

Yes, that worked - I had to revive my old HA on the Pi and sure enough it showed up. I went to Exclude mode, pushed the single button the HEM and it left - starting to blink slowly, ready to be paired. Happy camper.

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