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Good morning everyone! I’ve been working on this for a few days, and thought it would be worth sharing…

I created a fully local (leverages MQTT) Issue Tracker for my smart home, complete with notifications whenever an issue is opened or closed, and a Lovelace card for managing issues!

A couple pictures of the card:

Each issue has a simple description, but is tagged with when it was opened, and by which HA user. This does require MQTT auto-discovery to really function properly, as each issue you create also creates an MQTT binary_sensor for the issue, so it can be displayed in the card automatically.

The card allows for closing (and reopening) issues via hold_action, along with a confirmation. You can also filter by the open/closed status, or show all of the issues you’ve had.

This isn’t quite as complex as using a full-fledged issue tracking system like GitHub (for example, it doesn’t include comments, labels, etc…), but is certainly powerful enough for me to make something of a “to-do list” whenever I find bugs or things that need fixing around my home… and easy enough (I hope :sweat_smile:) for my spouse to be able to as well!

I’ve included the code for the required scripts and entities, as well as the card, in a Gist: Home Assistant Local Issue Tracker · GitHub

And there’s a blueprint to use for getting notifications as well: Home Issue Tracker Notifications

Let me know what you guys think!


This is a pretty neat project! I’m slightly surprised by the use of MQTT as opposed to leveraging a local file, similar to the shopping list integration, but still a very cool concept for a tracker internal to one’s HA instance!

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Get this as a usable replacement for ClickUp and you have gold in your hands!

This is excellent! I’ll definitely give this a go.

I started work with creating a similar bit of work from Trello, reading their API with Node Red and dumping the top 5 cards into HA as entities, and was about to start the front end piece of work.

Sorry for the rookie question, but does all of the issue_tracker.yaml go in one place, or do I parse it out into different parts of HA?

Ok, I got this working by parsing everything out and downloading the custom components. Very cool!

I can open issues, but when I click on the issues it just shows the entity details. I am sure I am missing something obvious, but how do I close issues?

Closing and reopening issues is a hold_action, as I intend to implement some kind of commenting mechanism on tap_action in the near future.

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I use issue_tracker.yaml as a package (as well as most everything else in my configuration): Packages - Home Assistant

If this is creating binary_sensor entities for each issue, what happens to them afterwards? Does this clean up nicely after itself?

Admittedly I’m not an expert on how these things are normally handled, but my first thought when I looked at this was “Am i going to end up with hundreds of ‘dead’ entities?”

Looks pretty sweet otherwise, looking forward to giving it a try

Technically, they will last “forever”… so I suppose if you open hundreds of issues, you’ll end up with hundreds of entities :sweat_smile:

Removing them can be done by manually deleting the auto-discovery topics from your MQTT broker. The topics should be homeassistant/binary_sensor/issue_tracker/* for whichever issue you need to remove.

Does this mean if the auto discovery topics are deleted from the broker, the corresponding entities within HA will be cleaned up and removed? Or will they just become old lost mystery objects?

They’ll be removed entirely. I also did notice this week (unrelated hiccup that took down my host) that they have an issue with staying around in the event of an MQTT broker crash, which is less than ideal :upside_down_face:

I really like the issue tracker. I created a reminder application for AppDaemon that has some functional overlap with this. I don’t think it would be a stretch to implement a timed reminder that sends a notification that an issue is still open as a reminder.

Super cool. Im trying to get this working in my setup. I have the Binary Sensors, the MQTT shows me my 4 opened issues. But the Lovelace card is simply not displaying any issue even though all 3 dependencies are installed. Any Idea where else to look?

Hmm, I’m not really sure what the issue would be :thinking: I haven’t noticed that happening with mine either…

Do you for sure also have the binary_sensor.issue_* entities being created inside HA?

Yes I can confirm the binary sensors are created.

Having the same issue here @drinfernoo