Home location wrong

This issue started with trying to get my weather card to show the correct weather (it’s not showing weather for my city). I think I have the location correct in my configuration.yaml (see picture) and have tried a couple of different things, but still not luck. Also, when I look at the map, there is a “home” shown which is incorrect and I can’t move or edit it (see picture). I added a zone that is labeled as house, which is correct.

My assumption is the weather card entity weather.home is tied to the incorrect location. Any know how I can change that, or how to fix the weather card?

Easiest way to double check you have the correct latitude and longitude coordinates for you ‘home’ is to open google maps then find your home location, zoom in to get exact location, then right mouse click and select ‘what’s there’ and it will provide the exact lat/long for you (always worth checking they are 100% right)

Can you go into configuration / general and move the pin on that map? You probably need to remove the settings from config.yaml, I certainly don’t have those entries and weather etc. work for me.

I swear I must have double checked it at least 4 or 5 times, but I had one digit off! Thanks for the tip to use google maps - that got me the right number!

As someone brand new to home assistant, I think the response that @GordonTGopher is the easiest method. I just got my raspberry pi set up and have now logged into the iOS app. There are 2 places where you can find the home location.

App Configuration -> Location
This is static and not something you can adjust.

Configuration -> General
This is where you can move the pin. I’ll add that even after moving the pin, I had to restart the home assistant server for the location update to be recognized and to be seen as home after the change. Among other options, restarting can be done from Configuration -> General -> Server Controls (2nd tab on bottom of screen). Restart is pretty quick and now I’m seen as home.

Just sending this in case it helps another newbie,