Home-made IR RGB LED strip controller

Hi everyone,

This is my first post here, hope it’s in the right category. It’s also half project-sharing, and half-question for the people more experienced with HAss.

I decided to build my own LED controllers with IR command, because
a) El Cheapo chinese controllers are not individually-addressable
b) Wi-Fi/RF controllers seem kinda expensive and over-kill for me
c) I was going to add IR output to my Pi anyway, to control my AC, and perhaps my TV as well if CEC doesn’t work well

So I have a bunch of cheap PIC-based controllers around the room, and the RasPi uses a C program with piGPIO to generate the infrared signals. And all this works fine.

Now it’s time to couple this to a fancy control system, for stuff like automatic mood lighting. The question is, is there some existing component that I could, with minimal adjustment, adapt to my goal? Individual control of lights is a must, and something like a color picker for the web interface would be nice.
I suspect the LimitlessLED component would be a good candidate, since it seems to connect to a single server, and be able to control multiple groups.

Any comments?