Home-router / WIFI : Recomendations

Not exactly Home Assistant related, but kinda related anyway.

Thinking about replacing my netgear mesh router system as it has become a pain. Well, it was always a pain.

So any recommendations? What do you guys use and / or recommend for a home WIFI internet system? If you wished to replace the system you have what would you use? What kind capabilities should it have.

Keen to hear any opinions.

I use an ubiquity edge router pro as router and 3 ubiquity unify ac AP pro’s as wifi access points. System is rock solid. Never ever downtime.

I like that, but those things are pretty expensive right? Still, nice, I’ll check that out for sure. Thanks. :+1:

I guess stability has its price :slight_smile:

Raspberry Pi 4B running OpenWRT doubled my Speedtest rate from 240 to 480 vs my Netgear R7000P (which I now use as an access point). Have compared Unify ac AP vs R7000P as access points. No difference except price (get R7000P used for $25). Have compared EdgeRouter vs Pi. Pi easily wins for both price and performance. Have no experience with expensive mesh routers. Pi will also need a 5 port switch and USB3 to ethernet adapter as the Pi only has one ethernet port. 2GB Pi is more than sufficient. Look at the Wulfy23 flavor of OpenWRT.

If you are looking to upgrade. Then now is the time to start watching the prices of WiFi 6E stuff. You will see loads of deals on WiFi 6 stuff, but hold off if you can, because WiFi 6E adds the 6GHz band. WiFi 6 (without the E) still runs on the 5GHz band. Prices will initially be expensive but should come down fairly quickly.

The TP-Link Omada line is similar to Ubiquity, but at a more reasonable price point. Still a little rough around the edges in places, but not bad for “pro-sumer” Wi-Fi.

A rpi winning from an edgerouter. Which edgerouter did you use? The X? Sorry but your comparison (without any data) is highly doubtful to say the least.

Thanks didn’t know that.

Thanks for the advice folks. Ithink what I’m looking for is a good stable easy to manage system with good reliable coverage rather than being focused on speed. I also like the idea of being able to run different wifi networks, say one for iot devices and another for pcs streaming devices and so. Also on that does port forwarding and so rather well. That is one that’s good at managing multiple devices at a reasonable rather than a fast speed.

Any thoughts on the google nest wifi or Amazon erro?

The last 2 netgear devices I purchased in the last 5 years were my last, they are not going to get another chance, one was a business grade switch, and the EMI from the included power adapter was so bad it took down my 2.4GHz network…

Went out and bought myself an eero 6 mesh system. Haven’t set it up yet.

Curious to know how you ended up with eero 6 while nobody here recommended it.

I was looking through reviews and it seemed the best option as I am after stability over speed and ease of use over flexibility. That is… something that ‘just works’ and something I don’t have to fiddle with. I also read a bit about wifi 6 and thought the increased capability worth adopting. Haven’t got it up and running yet but I guess time will tell if it meets those expectations.