Home server NAS / Home Assistant

My Home Assistant has been running happily on a Rasberry Pi 3 for a year. I want to get a NAS for back-ups and extended storage in my studio. Which, I think, is a good motivation to then also move Home Assistant to this mini server. My question is, what is the best/what would you suggest as I am getting lost in all the different options.
I would like to:

  • Run TrueNAS
  • Run HA with Zigbee2MQTT & ESPHome
  • Future-proof, e.g. Plex/Kodi/PhotoPrism

My plan now is to install TrueNAS SCALE with HA as a VM with USB passthrough for my Sonoff stick and install other apps through TrueNAS. My questions remaining are

  • How bad is this plan? Would running something like it with Proxmox be better?
  • How difficult is it to export my current HA backup (.tar file) onto TrueNAS?
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