Home Sound Systems - Sonos, etc? Local?

I’d like to set up speakers in my home. I have an old local CD player that has a bolt-on bluetooth adapater, and that is OK, but it’s frustrating - I have an IR blast remote from HA for turning it on, flipping it to bluetooth, etc, but I can’t push audio to it from HA, and I can’t actually see what the device settings are without walking over to it. It feels sooooo 2009. If the remote doesn’t work perfectly, I’m SOL unless I actually (god forbid) stand up and walk over to it.

What I would love to have is a speaker (or two or three) that:

1 - Has excellent sound quality. I. love. my. sound. If it’s scratchy or tinny I will eventually get mad and throw it. My husband has an apple homepod mini. I am looking for something with significantly better quality. That said … it’s still streaming.

2 - I don’t want to run it over the internet. Everyone is all about Sonos, it seems, but I’m not familiar with their ecosystem and marketing doesn’t care to describe what I’m looking for. I haven’t bought speakers since before Sonos was a thing. I’m seeing “app” and “security” and I’m betting this is yet another ecosystem that runs through their remote servers. I don’t want that, I want to control it locally without running what I want to play and when through some third party. And I am not hooking up something with a microphone in my home to a remote company.

If it can be controlled well and easily accessed WITHOUT their app / connecting to their servers, great. I can pop them on the network but block them at the firewall so they can’t communicate out. That’s been my general wifi compromise here.

3 - I want to easily play to it from my (i)phone. Typically via Spotify but whatever else comes along over the next fifteen years, I want to easily connect to it without opening HA and just play to it. I’d rather not need a separate app.

4 - I would like to integrate it to HA. I want to send TTS telling my kids it’s time to go. I want to send audio clips there as part of automations. Maybe, maybe, maybe I could get the mic from the camera by my front door to direct to the speaker nearest me when motion is sensed at the door. I have a squeezlite-type box that has been fun for that.

Integration to HA is actually the lowest priority, since most of the time when I’m listening to something it’s what I’m choosing from Spotify or whatever, but it’s definitely something I’d love to have. If it doesn’t mean connecting the device to remote servers.

Anyone here been down this road already that can advise on this?

Sonos connected to HA can stream local media :wink:

Addemendum (after @WallyR post)

I use Plex as media player, and the sonos in HA is just another media player…and i can browse for any media (both online, ha media, dlna and plex.
Looks like this on my mobile:

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I use MPD with myMPD as an interface and I stream that to an IceCast2 service and to a Snapcast service.
This is all free software and just need something to run on, which could be a VM, if you already run a hypervisor, like Proxmox, or a little Raspi.

The IceCast2 service will make it so any device that can take normal streaming will be able to get the sound. This will not be in sync across devices.

The Snapcast service is for streaming music in sync, but it requires a device to receive the streaming.
I use Raspberry Pi 0WH (The H just means the header pins are premounted. You can get a W and mount the pins yourself if you re up for it) with a HiFiBerry DAC+ Zero and a 3D printed case (these can typically also be bought on different sites).
This setup has 2 phono connections that you just plug into your active speakers and you are set to go.
If you have passive speakers, then HiFiBerry have versions with an amplifier too.

My setup has 3 running MPD sessions that play different playlists from local media or web radios or pod casts, so multiple persons can enjoy the features without having to listen to the same sound output.

This is the how my HA dashboard for the setup looks:

But I have MyMPD as an interface too to provide a more integrated interface to the MPD, which is a standalone part and not a part of HA. It looks like this:

MPD also have other interfaces that you can install with different features and setups and Mopidy is one of the most used ones, which might actually be enough for you if you do not need in sync music through out the house.