Home temperature average card?

I have an ecobee thermostat and I like how the card shows the average of all the sensors. I’m going to be adding some multi sensors and was wondering if there was a way or card to show the entire homes average. Using templates I can get the average but can I make a card off a template? And show the numbers like the ecobee card?

I use min_max like this

  - platform: min_max
    name: "Main Floor Average Temperature"
    type: mean
    round_digits: 1
      - sensor.hallway_air_temp
      - sensor.study_air_temp
      - sensor.family_room_air_temperature
      - sensor.kitchen_flood_sensor_air_temp
      - sensor.main_floor_temperature
      - sensor.mil_bath_leak_sensor_air_temp
      - sensor.mud_room_fibaro_air_temp

Yea I’m more looking for is it possible to add a template or sensor as in above. Even the default thermostat is good but as far as I can tell only does entities.

Well the ecobee card is a custom card specific to that device. So in short no.

You could ask the developer of that card to support other sensors.

There is also this custom thermostat that supports extra sensors: