Home vs home in an automation

Very new to Home Assistant, trying to avoid much yaml editing. Using the UI I’m trying to get an automation to only trigger when a particular device tracker shows as home. I’m seeing an issue with capitalization. I can’t make the condition case match what the entity state will be.

This is what I’m typing into the UI:

This is what I see when I “SHOW TRACE”:
result: false
state: Home
wanted_state: home

I can’t get the wanted_state to be Home. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

The state should be “home”, no caps. The UI automatically changes it to “Home” in the front end to make it pretty. You can use the dev tools states tool to check of the states of an entity is represented in the back end.

Doing nothing but wait caused the wanted_state to register as “Home”. Odd.