HomeAssistan fills up disk

I have homeassistant installed on a proxmox VM but it fills up the disk so it fails to boot.
I have probebly made something wrong and now I really am stuck.
I have two VMs, one ubuntu and one HA (HA is on VM-100 and Ubuntu on VM-101)
Here it is seen that it’s almost full and I just expanded 1Gb… after a few minutes with HA it filled up to 100% again - but I managed to get the latest HA snapshot that I now put on my old raaspberry…
I hope someone can advice as I like to have the NUC as my main HA server!
Any suggestions?

1GB isn’t much for HA. Just a little while with logs and the history DB and you’ll blow that space away. You can fine them to log less information but my HA uses 10GB easily on a given day and if I let the logs stack up I can push towards 25GB.

I had the size set to 74Gb and it got full, then in increased it with 1Gb more to get it to boot, but now that additional Gb is gone…
Something is eating data but since this is a proxmox VM I am on very thin ice…

Are you able to pinpoint at all the file(s) taking up all the room? What is the size of your DB and log files?

No, I dont know what file is taking up the space. I have the database on another VM on proxmox, a Maria DB. I will try to check that DB size.
I am not sure I have allocated the VM’s correctly and perhaps the MariaDB consumes “common space”