HomeAssistant and Shelly sensors

Hello All,
Hoping to get some help as i am not too knowledable about this.

I have HomeAssistant running as a docker container on my synoligy DS918+. I have several integrations working without issues.

I recently bought a bunch of shellys to control my window blinds, floor heating and lights.
The shelly 2.5 and 1’s works flawlessy so far with HA.

The Shelly H&T sensors do not.
I’ve seen a few posts about this already (for example this) and spent quite a few hours trying to figure it out on my own, but i am at my wits end.

I have a UDM Pro with several VLANs. All my IOT devices are on a IOT network with allow established/related sessions FW rules in place. I also have multicast DNS enabled.
I can set up the Shelly H&T’s, connect them to HA and the Shelly app, the tempterature and humidity is recorded by HA once, then (as far as i can tell) never again.

Following this post i have enabled CoIoT with the HA IP address and 5683 as peer.

Still the sensors report only once, also if i manually wake them.
They work fine in the shelly app.

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice!

EDIT: Sorry forgot to mention the versions i am running.
Shelly H&T are running 20211004-121044/v1.11.5-gdedfb52
HA: core-2021.8.8

in case of dead-end I suggest to integrate them (and other Shellies too) through mqtt. it’s solid. It’s tcp.

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Thanks! I read that MQTT could work, but was under the impression you needed a plug-in for HA to support it, which core does not have?

you need mqtt broker. might be external or you can install Mosquito add on from official HA addons repository