Homeassistant and Voice assistant - snips

I am looking into voice controlling, and have played whith Alexa. but I dont like Alexa. I am then looing to snips.ai, as I see that as a really god way to go.

What I like about snips is it is not cloud dependant and a combo whit snips and homeassistant seems perfect. Snips take care of voice and homeassistant take care of the actions.

But I am not that clever…I need some good examples on how to set it up right…Until now I cant get it to work.
Snips is listening and do react on hotword, but then I am stuck.

So are here someone whit some good examples and/or step by step guides for snips and homeautomation ?

You don’t say you have seen them, so I have to point out these two pages

Yes i have. But I cant figure out how to set it up…

As my HA is on one PI and I want snips to be around the house. So snips on HA OK, but how to setup other snips using same mqtt ill think Ill understand. But cant get HA to actualy do something. Thats why I am looking for a step by step guide :wink: