Homeassistant Beta 2021.12

I still can’t find the links to HA 2021.12 beta, I suppose the beta is released last Wednesday of each month, and today is Friday. I cant find it on Github either.

I was asking myself the same, since the beta normally arrives the last Wednesday of the month. But it seems to be scheduled for 3th of December


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Frenk advised this in the Discord beta channel the other day (where all beta discussion should occur, please don’t use the forum).

Beta will be later this cycle: 3 December.
The release will be later as well, during the State of the Open Home on 11 December.

don’t have discord installed. so I was curious.

You don’t need to “install it”. You can use a web browser. And if you are participating in the beta you need to be aware of the discussion.

how do I post in #beta channel/thread on discord?

I mean, posting option is locked in discord #beta channel/thread.
I tried on both web and desktop app, downloaded it.

Because there currently isn’t a beta release available. It will open when there is.

:man_facepalming: how we can confirm what might be included in beta? asking in dev channel?


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frenck did a very very good job on fixing everything, but most issue’s where on the tuya side…
But sadly if the rumors are true that tuya accounts gonna get payed next year i must say i will get rid of tuya.
For now i created a 1year notification account.

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That bit doesn’t relate to the beta :slight_smile:

It does. As it won’t be ready until the beta is finished.

Or should I say “this doesn’t relate solely to the beta” :slight_smile:

at what time Beta will be released?

its already

Locking this topic. Please continue any 2021.12 beta related discussion in the Discord channel, Home Assistant

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