Homeassistant can't see my devices since Ubiquiti Gateway

I’ve installed a Ubiquiti Gateway, but since then i noticed that my PC isn’t discovered anymore (platform: wake_on_lan). Also i’m using the SamsungTVTizen integration from HACS and now my TV isn’t showing “on” anymore in the “Developper Tools”.

I tried applying some firewall-rules, also applied allowing ALL in my LAN-network, but i can’t get it to work. I’m not using any VLAN’s, all of my devices are in the same LAN-network.

Some can provide me some help to get it back to work?

Hello, I am guessing that multicast traffic is not being allowed. Check out this video series on Youtube from The Hook Up. He goes into how to allow mulicast in Unifi.
Video URL

Here is another article that has some good info on Unifi and Multicast. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/setting-up-ubiquiti-network-use-mdns-multicast-matthew-davis#:~:text=Enabling%20WiFi%20IGMPv3