Homeassistant CCU3 WLED

Hello together,

I´m really a programming noob, but I like to tinker around with those homeautomation things.
I have homeassistant running (hass.io) and a raspberrymatic with my weatherman (stall.biz) connected to. The weatherman (I bought it from stall.biz) sends outside temperature to my raspberrymatic ccu3 as a system variable. The ccu3 is connected to homeassistant. This works great.
I connected some WLED-lights to my homeassistant setup. Now my idea is to read the outside temperature and sent it to wled (cold, warm, hot --> blue, green, red)
But I do not really know how to create a ccu-Sensor containing the temperature and than transfer it to a color and send it to wled.

Maybe it is easier to do in nodeRed?

Do you have some ideas?

Best regards,